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How to launch Warcraft III on the notebook with Intel graphics – igxprd32 display driver error.

I’ve installed Warcraft III on my notebook, but just after starting the game, my computer gets hanged and then it shows the message box about igxprd32.dll display driver not working and the system will shutdown to prevent a damage from the application (actually, sometimes this appears as BSOD).

To solve this error, you have to change registry key or shortcut properties.
In the registry editor, expand HKCU\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III and add new key called ‘Gfx’. In this key you should add one of the following key with the ‘1’ value:
– SwTNL (enable software TNL, some graphic operations will be transfer from graphic card to CPU)
– OpenGL (enable OpenGL, instead of the default DirectX)

If you don’t want to mess with the registry, you could simple change Warcraft III shortcut properties. You have to add ‘-swtnl’ or ‘-opengl’ option at the end, it could looks like this:

"C:\games\warcraft\Warcraft III.exe" -swtnl

Hope, this helps.

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