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How to install Adobe Flash Player for Firefox 64-bit on Oracle Linux.

First, get Flash Player for Linux 64bit:
I’ve downloaded both, the
– yum for linux (to easy get updates with yum in future)
– *.tar.gz version

Identify as root user and install yum version download with package installer or by command line as user root:

# yum install adobe-release-x86_64-1.0-1.noarch.rpm

Now we have to move the ‘’ into the mozilla plugin directory, open a terminal window, become root user:

# su -

Unzip the *.tar.gz file

# gunzip *.tar.gz

The *.tar file remains.

# tar -xf *.tar

This should extract the ‘’ file we need to move to the mozilla plugins directory. Verify the mozilla plugin directory exists: /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins (if the plugins directory does not exist, create it).

Close your firefox, if it is still running.

Copy the ‘’ to the mozilla plugins directory:

cp /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins

Open Firefox again and test your Flash Player configuration:

That’s should be all.