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Resetting the SQL Developer layout.

While working with SQL Developer, if the Connections Navigator disappears or if you cannot dock the Log window in its original place, perform the following steps to fix the problem:
1. Exit from SQL Developer.
2. Search for the windowinglayout.xml file.
3. Go to the directory that has windowinglayout.xml and delete it.
4. Restart SQL Developer.

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HP ProLiant servers: “boot logical drive is configured but is missing or offline” error.

Sometimes after OS image is loaded and the server is restarting for the first time, we can get the following error: “Boot logical drive is configured but is missing or offline”.

Below are the steps to solve the issue:
1. Start the server and wait till you see: “Press F8 to run option ROM configuration for Array utility”.
2. Press F8, you will see the Main Menu, select the last option “Select Boot Volume”.
3. Select “Direct attached storage”.
4. If you see “First logical drive 01” – select it.
5. Press F8 to save Logical Drive 01 as Boot Volume.
6. Press F8 to Exit and start with New Boot Volume.

Good luck 🙂

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