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Invalid DBMS_SQLPA package and poor database performance.

Recently, when I delivered Oracle 10gR2 ( production database to the users, they started to claim that application is working very slowly. I’ve checked server and noticed unusual CPU overload. And then started to dig deeper. Finally, I noticed that I have a few invalid objects in database (what was strange because I could swear that everything was perfect just few hours before).
Anyway, I tried to recompile invalid object and left with one that I couldn’t recompile – DBMS_SQLPA. In the Metalink I found something about it:
– note 565600.1 ERROR IN CATUPGRD: ORA-00904 IN DBMS_SQLPA

And above could happen after upgrade to Oracle – but the problem is that I didn’t upgrade to this version (at least not at that time). So, to make long story short, below you have the solution to recompile invalid DBMS_SQLPA package. Log in to the sqlplus (SYS AS SYSDBA) and execute the following commands:

drop table plan_table;

To verify if everything is valid execute the following command:

select substr(comp_id,1,15) comp_id, substr(comp_name,1,30) comp_name,
substr(version,1,10) version, status from dba_registry order by modified;
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