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How to install Oracle Text aka CONTEXT on 11g.

It’s supposed to be installed by default, according to the documentation, but for some reason or another, I managed to build a brand new 11gR2 database with no CTXSYS user present.

Here’s how to install Oracle Text and the English language defaults, into an 11gR2 Oracle database.
First, connect to database as SYS as SYSDBA

@ORACLE_HOME\ctx\admin\catctx.sql secret SYSAUX TEMP NOLOCK

Parameters are password, default tablespace, temporary tablespace, don’t lock the account.

Then connect to database as CTXSYS.

@ORACLE_HOME\ctx\admin\defaults\dr0defin.sql "ENGLISH";

Then again, connect to database as SYS as SYSDBA

alter user ctxsys account lock password expire;

And here’s how to remove Oracle Text from an 11gR2 database (SYS as SYSDBA).

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